Fix software bugs in minutes, not weeks.


Have your customers found bugs in your software?

Now there's a solution.


  • High performance and low memory consumption.
  • Fix the bug from your current location. You no longer need to make expensive and time-consuming visits to the customer site, or spend time attempting to reproduce issues in-house.
  • Accelerate internal testing processes and bring your product to market more quickly.
  • Leverage the reverse debugging capabilities of UndoDB to fix traditionally hard-to-find bugs quicker.
  • Share recordings with your colleagues to collaboratively debug the problem.

Discover the technology behind Live Recorder and see how it can help you find those customer-critical bugs today.

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Thousands of developers in leading companies are using Undo's products to:

"I just cannot imagine how it was possible to do debugging before."

(Gerald Gamrath, SCIP Main Developer, Zuse Institute Berlin)

Jim Foley

R&D Director

Real Intent

The Undo Debugger leads our software engineers to the root cause of complicated bugs in a fraction of the time that would have been spent without Undo's reverse debugging feature.

Jean-Marc Talbot

Senior Director of Engineering

Mentor Graphics

UndoDB greatly improves our debugging time, making it up to three times faster than before. In addition, the learning curve for getting up to speed with UndoDB was very short because of the familiar interface and command structure.

Features at a glance

  • Seamless integration

    Built to easily integrate with your preferred work environment.

  • Reverse capabilities

    Go back to the preceding instruction, source line, function call or breakpoint.

  • Set watchpoints

    Run back to a watchpoint to discover when a variable was last changed.

  • Rewind mode

    Non-deterministic bugs will be rewinded when the user moves forward in the program.

  • Jump to any point in your program's history

    Jump directly to areas of code that you suspect to be corrupted.