About Undo Software

Undo Software is the leading commercial supplier of Linux and Android reversible debugging tools that enable software developers to record, rewind and replay their C/C++ code to respond quickly to customer critical bugs, increase their productivity and meet their development deadlines.

Used by over 1,000 developers at customers that include Cadence Design Systems and Mentor Graphics to solve complex, real-world problems, UndoDB is proven to reduce debugging time from weeks to minutes, while seamlessly integrating into existing development environments.

Undo Software is a privately held company headquartered in Cambridge, UK, and is a Gartner “Cool Vendor in Application Development” for 2014.

Undo was founded by Greg Law and Julian Smith, who decided to create a better debugging tool than those which had frustrated them for many years. Seed funding to grow the business was received from the Cambridge Angels in 2012, when Dr. Robert Brady, founder of Brady PLC, joined as Chairman. In the next 12 months, Undo Software engaged several important customers in the EDA and financial industries. Undo received a second, larger round of funding in April 2013, which also saw Robert Swann, co-founder of Alphamosaic (acquired by Broadcom) and Chairman of Green Parrot Pictures (acquired by Google) join the board. A third, oversubscribed, round of funding saw Jaan Tallinn, co-founder of Skype and Kazaa join as an investor.

Undo sells its reversible debugger directly and through select partnerships. UndoDB can be found in Rogue Wave's TotalView debugging suite and in ARM's DS-5 development studio from version 5.16.