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24th September 2014: German computer scientists take Cambridge debug software, Business Weekly

One of the world’s leading applied maths and computer science research institute’s has turned to Cambridge UK technology to keep their systems and networks bug-free.

24th September 2014: Zuse Institute Berlin reduces debugging time on enterprise software research projects with UndoDB, Computing News

High performance tool enables reversible debugging of advanced solver and supply chain management software 

24th September 2014: Zuse Institute Berlin reduces debugging time with UndoDB, Slashdot

Cambridge, UK, 24 September 2014, Undo Software today announced that Zuse Institute Berlin (ZIB) has purchased its UndoDB reversible debugging tool. ZIB is using UndoDB to debug C/C++ code for its Solving Constraint Integer Programs (SCIP) optimization framework and enterprise supply chain software research projects.

22nd August 2014: Cadence and reverse debugging, SemiWiki.com

I have a soft spot for reverse debugging ever since seeing one of the engineers at Virtutech type reverse single step and seeing code back up a single instruction and realizing that literally months of my career could have been saved if I had had the same capability. 

21st August 2014: In-the-field debugger, when offsite is a bugger, Computer Weekly

UndoDB has released UndoDB Out-and-About. Described as a "new way of licensing" its reversible debugging software, this product is aimed at vendors whose software is deployed on: customer sites, in the field, on a customer machine, in real life.

20th August 2014: Undo Out and About, Electronics Weekly

Undo Software of Cambridge, the reversible debugging tool specialist and Gartner ‘Cool Vendor’, has adopted a new way of licensing its software which it calls UndoDB Out-and-About.

10th July 2014: Speeding up software debugging, Embedded Computing Design

Software debugging is an increasingly large part of the development cycle that hasn’t received its fair share of attention. Various debugging techniques can help developers quickly find and eradicate bugs, including programmatic techniques, special case diagnostics analysis tools, and reversible debuggers.

19th May 2014: Undo Software selected as a Gartner Cool Vendor in application development 2014, Embedded Computing Design

Reversible debugging provider helps Linux and Android developers find bugs in minutes, rather than weeks.

19th May 2014: Debugging ace thrilled by Gartner 'Cool Vendor' status, Business Weekly

Undo Software, the Cambridge UK debugging technology business, has been named as one of five ‘Cool Vendors in Application Development 2014’ in a global report by Gartner, Inc.

30th April 2014: Cash boost for UK software start up, New Electronics

The funding round was actually oversubscribed this time around. Investment came from existing backers within the Cambridge Angels group and new investors, including Jaan Tallinn, one of the original founders of Skype and Kazaa, and now co-founder of the University of Cambridge-based Centre for the Study of Existential Risk. 

29th April 2014: Skype founder backs $1.25M Undo Software fundraising, Business Weekly

Skype and Kazaa co-founder Jaan Tallinn has invested in the $1.25m third funding round of Cambridge-based bug-busting technology business Undo Software.

29th April 2014: Skype co-founder Jaan Tallinn backs reversible debugging startup Undo Software, Tech Crunch

As software continues to eat the world, the tools to help make developers’ lives easier continue to mature. Case in point: Cambridge, UK-based Undo Software, which offers reversible debugging software for app development on Linux and Android. Long thought of as one of the holy grails of software development, reversible debugging is the ability to run an application backwards as well as forwards to make it easier to track down those elusive software bugs.

29th April 2014: Undo software receives $1.25 funding round, Venture Capital Post

Cambridge-based Undo Software has received new investment of $1.25 million led by Jaan Tallinn, Skype’s co-founder and existing financiers including the Cambridge Angels.

30th March 2014: Undo your code, by Paul McLellan, SemiWiki

Regular debuggers give you pause/continue. UndoDB gives you a rewind button.

3rd March 2014: Software bug buster on the Oregon trail, Business Weekly

US based electronics design specialist Mentor Graphics Corporation has hired a top gun from Cambridge UK for a software shootout with computer bugs.

3rd March 2014: Software proves that it can cut Linux debugging by two thirds, Electronic Specifier

Undo Software has announced that Mentor Graphics has purchased and is using its UndoDB reversible debugging tool to increase productivity and develop Linux code faster. By using UndoDB, Mentor Graphics has reduced the time spent debugging code by two thirds, vital in the competitive electronic design marketplace. 

3rd March 2014: Pioneer of CAD for engineers turns to Undo for debugging aid, Cabume

Undo Software has landed a deal to supply one of the pioneers of computer-aided design for electronics with its reversible debugging tool, UndoDB.

3rd March 2014: Undo better than GNU, who knew? Computer Weekly

Bucking time honoured marketing best practice stating that a firm shalt not use an OVERT NEGATIVE in an advertising headline, promotional campaign or (saints preserve us) the actual name of the company, it appears Undo Software is doing well in the Linux debugging market.

27th January 2014: Fast growing Undo Software expands with new Cambridge office, IT-director.com

Undo Software today announced major company growth, moving to new, larger offices and expanding its workforce by over 30%

27th January 2014: Undo Software cashes in on ARM deal, Business Weekly

Cambridge debugging technology trailblazer, Undo Software, has cashed in on its new business alliance with ARM by quadrupling its office space and boosting headcount by a third with a move to a new UK headquarters. It is also set to raise new cash.

31st December 2013: Reversible debugger adds support for ARM and Android, EDN Network

Undo Software in Cambridge, UK, has launched version 4.0 of its reversible debugger for Linux, adding support for ARM processors and Android Native application code.

16th December 2013: Reversible debugger supports ARM processors and Android Native, newelectronics

Cambridge-based start up Undo Software has announced version 4.0 of UndoDB, its reversible debugger for Linux and Android software.The new release now supports both ARM processors and Android Native.

16th December 2013: New reversible debugger from Undo, Electronics Weekly

Undo Software has released version 4.0 of UndoDB - the reversible debugger for Linux, with suport for ARM processors and Android Native.

13th December 2013: Undo Software brings reversible debugging to ARM processors and Android Native, Design & Reuse

Undo Software is the leading commercial supplier of Linux and Android software development solutions for reversible debugging. UndoDB allows Linux software developers to record their program's execution, and then "wind the tape" back and forth in real-time to get a clear picture of their program's execution, significantly reducing the cost of bugs to software vendors.

25th September 2013: Bug-B-Gone! ARM programmers get a new extermination tool, Electronic Engineering Journal

...let’s look at a new debugging tool available to ARM users (and they are legion) that helps to find and swat bugs. Just this week, ARM announced that its premium Designer Studio v5 (DS-5) software suite will include a new feature designed by Undo Software. It’s a pretty sweet tool, and one that seems to have a good track record of uncovering hard-to-find bugs and saving programmers time.

25th September 2013: ARM brings reversible debugging to DS-5, newelectronics

Looking to help software developers reduce the amount of time spent fixing bugs, ARM has integrated a reversible debugger into its flagship DS-5 development suite.

Created by Cambridge-based start up Undo Software, the UndoDB tool has been described by ARM's director of product management, Javier Orensanz, as a 'game changer'.

23rd September 2013: Debugging ARM Linux & Android native apps FAST by rewinding and replaying, blogs.arm.com

This blog is for those of you who spend hours every day developing and debugging software, and have experienced the frustration that comes with the question "how on earth did my software get here?"

29th May 2013: Undo Software expands operations with additional Cambridge Angels funding, new board member Robert Swann, Reuters

Undo Software (http://undo-software.com/) today announced its second round of funding from the Cambridge Angels group (http://cambridgeangels.com/). Undo produces commercial software development solutions for Linux. The funds will be used to expand its sales operations and product roadmap. Cambridge Angels is a group of successful entrepreneur business angels in internet, software, technology and bio-technology. Robert Swann, member of the Cambridge Angels also joins the board of Undo.

29th May 2013: Cambridge Angels find more cash for bug busters, Business Weekly

The Cambridge Angels group has injected a second, unspecified, funding round into UK debugging technology specialist Undo Software, which produces commercial software development solutions for Linux.

29th May 2013: Undo Software expands operations with additional Cambridge Angels funding, new board member Robert Swann, India Info Line

25th January 2013: Research by Cambridge MBAs for tech firm Undo finds software bugs cost the industry $316 billion a year: University of Cambridge, Judge Business School

A team of five Cambridge Judge Business School MBA students made headlines in the press for the work they completed during their Cambridge Venture Project (CVP) for software fim Undo Ltd.

As part of their CVP, Graham Carver, Lisa Jeng, Paul Cheak, Tom Britton and Tommy Katzenellenbogen were asked by Undo to quantify the cost of bugs to software companies.

8th January 2013, Cambridge University study states software bugs cost economy $312 billion per year: Siliconvalley.com

According to recent Cambridge University research, the global cost of debugging software has risen to $312 billion annually. The research found that, on average, software developers spend 50% of their programming time finding and fixing bugs. When projecting this figure onto the total cost of employing software developers, this inefficiency is estimated to cost the global economy $312 billion per year.

To put this in perspective, since 2008, Eurozone bailout payments to Greece, Ireland, Portugal, and Spain have totaled $591 billion. These bailout payments total less than half the amount spent on software debugging over the same five year period.

20th December 2012, Software Bugs Hurt the Economy: In-The-Wild Testing Blog

Of all the reasons cited for a slumping economy, software bugs are rarely - if ever - mentioned. But according to a recent analyst report, they should be. Judge Business School and Undo Software teamed up to "highlight the enormous cost of one the world's most glaring technology taboos."

18th December 2012, Experts battle £192bn loss to computer bugs: Cambridge News

Computer bugs are costing the global economy more than £192 billion a year, Cambridge University researchers have found.

The research was carried out with Cambridge-based Undo Software, which has created debugging technology for software developers who write code for the Linux operating system.

A Judge Business School survey found respondents who used the company’s technology spent an average of 26 per cent less time on debugging.

11th December 2012, Software bugs cost more than double Eurozone bailout: Business weekly

Cambridge UK research from the university's Judge Business School and local company Undo Software has highlighted the enormous cost of one of the world's most glaring technology taboos.

The Judge research, conducted in collaboration with Undo Software as part of the MBA programme, showed that, on average, software developers spend 50 per cent of their programming time finding and fixing bugs.

When projecting this figure onto the total cost of employing software developers, this inefficiency is estimated to cost the global economy $312bn every year.

19th November 2012, Cambridge Tech CEOs Make Global A-List: Business weekly

A handful of top technology entrepreneurs from Cambridge have been fast-tracked into a new elite of 100 UK, European and US CEOs deemed most likely to build global businesses worth £100 million in the next three to five years.

8th June 2012, Linux developers hit Undo (software) to go forward: Dr Dobb's Journal

Dorm room start up company Undo Software's new debugging tool for Linux has reached its 3.5 iteration with a call to developers to try out its faster debugging offering. UndoDB v3.5 is described as being capable of recording everything that any Linux program does so that developers can virtually "wind the tape back and forth" in order to try and look for the root cause of a bug.

The 3.5 version release features an overhaul to the GUI to provide integration with development tools such as gdb 7, Eclipse, and Emacs; the suggestion is that this allows developers to incorporate UndoDB more easily into their existing workflow environments.

31st May 2012, Undo Software receives venture funding: ideaSpace

"As software becomes ever more complex, advances in the development tools required are an essential element in assuring product quality and time to market. What excites me most about Undo's technology is the huge productivity gains it can bring to software developers across so many vertical applications." Peter Harverson, Angel investor.

26th May 2012, Undo Software receives venture funding: PRWeb UK

The company was founded in 2005 in Cambridge, UK, and had been "boot-strapped" by its founders until the first injection of external capital, announced today. The investment round was joined by five investors from the UK early-stage technology investment group, the Cambridge Angels. The money will be used to grow the company's sales and to accelerate porting of UndoDB to new platforms.

4th March 2010, Undo Reversible Debugger Updated: Dr Dobb's Journal

Undo Software has released UndoDB 3.0, an updated version of the company's reversible debugger for Linux. Reversible debugging (also known as "replay" or "historical debugging") lets developers step or run their application backwards, enabling them to answer the question when debugging: "How did that happen?"

...UndoDB 3.0 can debug almost any Linux process, including those using multiple threads, asynchronous signal handlers, and shared memory. It supports reverse watchpoints, allowing programmers easily to find the root-cause of elusive memory-corruption bugs. UndoDB also allows the entire program state to be wound back to any point in the recorded execution history, yet records with a slow-down over native execution of just 1.7x. No recompilation or any other modifications are required to the process being debugged.'

July 2 2007, Debugging - The Software Industry's Dirty Secret: Dr Dobb's Journal

How big a problem are software bugs? In 2002, the U.S. government came up with a startling figure—$60 billion per year in the U.S. alone.

August 1 2006, That's debugger (do Linux apps bidirectionally): The Register

It is a brave company that claims it can slash debugging costs, but that is precisely what Undo Software is saying about its bidirectional debugger, UndoDB.


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