Bugs that took weeks now take minutes

Press Releases

Press releases:

24th September 2014: Zuse Institute Berlin reduces debugging time on enterprise software research projects with UndoDB

High performance tool enables reversible debugging of advanced solver and supply chain management software.

20th August 2014: Undo Software releases UndoDB Out-and-About edition

Enables proven reversible debugger to be deployed on customer sites.

19th May 2014: Undo Software selected as a Gartner cool vendor in application development 2014

Reversible debugging provider helps Linux and Android develoers find bugs in minutes, rather than weeks.

April 29th 2014: Undo Software raises $1.25 million to expand operations and sales of reversible debugging software

New investors include Skype and Kazaa co-founder Jaan Tallinn.

March 3rd 2014: Mentor Graphics cuts Linux debugging time by two thirds with Undo Software

Electronic hardware and software design company improves development process through better visibility into code.

January 27th 2014: Undo Software expands with new Cambridge office

Software development company scales up to build on ARM agreement and market momentum.

December 12th 2013: Undo Software brings reversible debugging to ARM processors and Android Native

Undo Software today announces the release of version 4.0 of UndoDB – the reversible debugger for Linux, now with support for ARM® processors and Android™ Native.

September 24th 2013: Undo and ARM agreement delivers first commercial reversible linux and android application debugger for ARM processors

New feature in ARM DS-5 tool suite enables developers to rapidly resolve nightmare bugs

Undo Software, a supplier of Linux and Android software development solutions, today announced that ARM has entered into an agreement to integrate UndoDB into its flagship software development tool suite, ARM® DS™-5 Development Studio.  UndoDB is the only C/C++ Linux reversible debugger with the required performance to be of practical use in the real world. UndoDB can record everything that any Linux program does and then allows developers to “wind the tape back and forth” to home in on their bug.  Many bugs that would otherwise take weeks to fix can be fixed in just minutes with UndoDB.

May 29th 2013: Undo Software backed by additional funding from Cambridge Angels

Undo Software (http://undo-software.com/) today announced its second round of funding from the Cambridge Angels group (http://cambridgeangels.com/). Undo produces commercial software development solutions for Linux. The funds will be used to expand its sales operations and product roadmap. Cambridge Angels is a group of successful entrepreneur business angels in internet, software, technology and bio-technology. Robert Swann, member of the Cambridge Angels also joins the board of Undo.

January 24th 2013: Undo Software expected to reach revenues of $100million per year

Every year, the Silicon Valley comes to UK (SVC2UK) event sees leading entrepreneurs, investors and thought leaders from the US share ideas, spark UK entrepreneurship and catapult start-ups into fully fledged market leaders. It is here that Undo Software (http://undo-software.com) was predicted to reach revenues of $100million per year. 

January 8th, 2013: Cambridge University study states software bugs cost economy $312billion per year

According to recent Cambridge University research, the global cost of debugging software has risen to $312 billion annually.

December 11th, 2012: Cambridge research puts the global cost of debugging at $312bn annually

Software development's taboo subject has cost more than double the Eurozone bailout.

June 7th, 2012: Undo Software brings more productivity gains to Linux developers

Newly-launched UndoDB v3.5 brings features and performance to help make software project delays a thing of the past.

May 31st, 2012: Undo Software receives venture funding

Undo Software today announces its first external investment round, which has been joined by five investors from the UK early-stage technology investment group, the Cambridge Angels.

March 4, 2010. UndoDB 3.0 — A huge step backwards!

Linux reversible debugger hits version 3.0.

Undo Software has released a new version of UndoDB: the leading reversible debugger for Linux. It brings several hugely powerful new features, including reverse watchpoints and the ability to debug applications which use shared memory. It's also faster than ever, running applications with a slow-down of just 1.7x while still keeping full visibility of the program's entire execution history.

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