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Using UndoDB with Eclipse

Undodb-gdb is a drop-in replacement for gdb on Linux, so using it from Eclipse is simply a question of telling Eclipse to use the undodb-gdb executable rather than gdb.

However, to take advantage of graphical reverse debugging commands, it is also necessary to configure Eclipse for reversible debugging.

To do this:

  1. From the 'Run' menu, choose 'Debug Configurations...'
  2. Double-click C/C++ Applications
  3. Choose the 'debugger' tab
  4. Replace 'gdb' with 'undodb-gdb' in the debugger text box
  5. Check "enable reverse debugging"
  6. Click 'Apply'
  7. Click 'Close'
  8. From the 'Window' menu choose 'Customize perspective...'
  9. Choose 'Command Groups Availability' tab.
  10. Check "Reverse Debugging" from the 'Available command groups' selection box on the left
  11. Click OK

See our screencast: Using UndoDB with Eclipse